Graphic Makers Interview with Klaroline Awards Best AU/AH Gif-set Maker: Joey-Prue

Hello Klaroliners! I had the chance to ask some questions to the winner of Best AU/AH Gif-set Maker from the Klaroline Awards: Joey-Prue! Here are her optimistic answers!

KM: Congratulations on your award for Best AU/AH Gif-set Maker! How does it feel and what does it mean to you?

Moni: It feels great and rare because I’m new in this “gif-set maker world”, actually I started to make edits this year, so it was never crossed my mind that I would be nominated, let alone win, besides there are too many talented people in Klaroline fandom, so yeah definitely rare.

KM: For those who don’t know you, can you describe yourself and as a klaroliner?

Moni: “Describe yourself” physically? Emotionally?… too much exposure and I’m shy. As Klaroliner, I’m smart like all of you, it’s why we chose the best. Right? How do you get inspired to make graphics? Thinking, thinking, thinking. most of the time I combine it with things I like movies, tv show, stories that I heard and somehow Klaroline fits with everything, because they are great characters individually as well (or were?)

KM: And what about Klaroline inspires you to make graphics?

Moni: As I said in the question above, Klaus and Caroline are great characters individually and together with imperfections that make them closer to the public and that’s what inspires me about them.

KM: You make AU/AH gifset, why do you like this form of edits? Do you like telling a different story?

Moni: Actually, I don’t know why a won in this category, I never saw myself as a AU/AH gif maker, because I really like canon Klaroline and I love their canon even if they are separated or if they fight or love. I think what has influenced me to do AU/AH gifsets has been AU/AH weeks, because it challenges me to think about a different scenario.

KM: What’s your favorite AU/AH trope?

Moni: Canon? Lol, not seriously. I could say that my favorite trope is “from here to eternity”, is that a trope? because I think that regardless of what happens currently (awful S6 & S7 or TO itself) They will meet again perhaps one day, in a year or even in a century.

KM: What do you think about Klaroline fandom’s creativity? Does it inspire you to make more graphics?

Moni: Oh, absolutely I’ve always said the Klaroline fandom is no longer about a couple in a tv show, it’s about a group of people who are passionate about a story and that has kept alive and that’s enough inspiration.

KM: What can we expect from you in the future?

Moni: In the near future, I’m not sure, BUT at the end of the show, a lot of gifsets about Klaroline endgame *wink-wink*

KM: And finally, anything more to say?

Moni: The end is near; do not give up despite the terrible things to come, there is a reason why Julie and the media keep talking of Klaroline (and not Stelena or Forwood or Beremy or Bamon supposedly another “dead” ships) and that’s because we make it so. DON’T step back for a second, family.


Check her edits here!