Graphic Makers Interview with Klaroline Awards Most Creative Graphic Maker and Best Aesthetic Graphic Maker: Goldcaught

Hi Klaroliners! I had the chance to ask some questions to goldcaught, aka Melissa, the winner of Most Creative Graphic Maker and Best Aesthetic Graphic Maker. She’s known in the fandom for her aesthetics and amazing tags, and her love for Caroline and fics. Check our her answers!

KM: Congratulations on your awards for Most Creative Graphic Maker and Best Aesthetic Graphic Maker. How does it feel and what does it mean to you?

Melissa: Honestly even just being nominated?? for these categories that mean so much to me, that we have such a ridiculous batch of talent contributing to, means more than i can say. which is a cliche BUT ITS A TRUE ONE, knowing my fellow kc babes thought enough about my stuff to nominate it let alone to VOTE ENOUGH FOR IT TO WIN ok it’s A Lot, i’m utterly utterly grateful and honored

KM: For those who don’t know you, can you describe yourself and as a klaroliner?

Melissa: WELL i’m melissa and i joined the kc coven like literally 4 seconds after the season 4 finale after devouring s1-4 of tvd on netflix, when we’d just gotten a declaration of eternal love on that football field and even though klaus was off to a spin off i was 1000000% sure their endgame was upcoming, and basically that’s exactly where i’m at today too lol when i otp i otp hard and long and with endless thriving hope. i am ALSO ride or die for caroline forbes and so naturally have been in a state of constant rage about her situation these past few years, so that’s been fun

OH did you want something about me as like a person outside of kc too lololol HI BABES i’ve got an english degree i cant seem to find anything to do with and go through like 5 romance novels a week

KM: How do you get inspired to make graphics? And what about Klaroline inspires you to make graphics?

Melissa: Oh man, seeing OTHER PEOPLE’S graphics really gets me into gear, isnt that weird? a graphic beautifully wrought, a picspam stunningly colored, those things grab me by the heart and i like immediately just want to jump into ps and make something beautiful too; poetry also never fails to inspire me, i have a whole notepad page up all day every day with lines i pull that fit this dumb ship

KM: And what about Klaroline inspires you to make graphics?

first of all theyre super hot which is always a plus, but outside of how aesthetically pleasing they are as a ship they’re just so full of possibility – every interaction between them sings of things unsaid, that could be, and i think trying to capture that potential is fun af and really satisfying

KM: What’s your process in making graphics? and why do you specifically use screencaps for your graphics?

so what usually happens is i’ll either have a line i really want to use and base my graphic around that OR i’ll see a gif of a scene, or catch a really cool crop or pretty coloring on my dash and it’ll drive me to make something myself, and then because i don’t know that i’ve ever posted something without some sort of word accompaniment i’ll see what theme i’ve created and try to find a quote that fits to round it out

i just love how caps manage to capture so many split-second moments in a scene, you know – all the variants of expression and tone, light and shadow, cinematography condensed in a frame by frame shot – using those elements to create and imply something entirely new comes naturally to me (plus being able to see kc in everything is a skill i am v v proud of)

KM: You seem inspired by a lot of things, like quotes, do you have a favorite?

Melissa:  DO I HAVE A FAVORITE QUOTE jeeeeez how am i supposed to answer this with just o n e!!! i have about a gazillion, but just off the top of my head: ‘Persephone, a smeller, a taster. If you have one appetite, he thought, you have them all.’

it suits one of my favorite aspects of their dynamic – her insatiable lust for life, his immediate recognition and eagerness to f e e d it

KM: Could you give a simple palette for Klaroline?

Melissa: i think of them in pale blues and sunset blazes, blood and gold and everlasting skies

KM: What do you think about Klaroline fandom’s creativity? Does it inspire you to make more graphics?

Melissa:  this fandom is off the charts creative are you kidding me, and it inspires me on the daily. we take famine and turn it to feast, man, we craft magic out of the dregs we pick up off the floor we’re fucking astounding, i love us

KM: What can we expect from you in the future?

Melissa: oof lol i’ve had some manips languishing on my desktop for about 80 years now, hopefully i’ll be doing something with those soon? i’ve also got a few more eps to go with my ongoing b&w kc series, so that’s always bubbling in the background, along with another set of caps for likemypulse that have also been waiting for me to do something with for far too long, so, fingers crossed

KM: And finally, anything more to say?

Melissa: i’m so so beyond thankful and honored to have won these awards, and to be a part of this fandom, and to love these hot vampires with all of you babes HERE’S TO ENDGAME 2017

Check her blog here!