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Join the Klaroline Slack Group!

When we began the Klaroline Magazine, we envisioned it as a place where Klaroliners to join together to share their love for the ship, and we have created a space on Slack to do that.

With The Originals premiere drawing closer, this is the perfect place to get chatting, live-watch together and just indulge in the same atmostphere.

You can find it here: https://klarolinersunite.slack.com/

What is Slack?

Slack is an app (can be downloaded on pc’s, mac, tablets, smartphones) that many teams around the world use to community. It’s great because you can just be added to a community and be able to enter loads of channels or chat rooms about specific things in the fandom.

So far I’ve created groups for Fanfiction, Graphics/GIFS, News, The Originals etc, so it is places where you can discuss these aspects of the fandom, ask questions, get advice, share your work etc. So when you join you will automatically join the #general chat and you can choose which of the other chats you want to join

We only have a little time before The Originals return to our screen, if this is our last hoorah, let’s get the fandom buzzing again and create a positive environment where fandom members can get to know each other and share support and love.

You can join here HERE