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Join us for the Klaroline Countdown!

Hi Klaroliners. Welcome to the Klaroline Countdown. We’re back and we’re counting down the days and want you to come along for the ride!

What is the Klaroline Countdown?

Yes, countdown to what you ask? The countdown to Caroline Forbes and Klaus Mikaelson getting their happily ever after and Klaus finally showing her what the world truly has to offer.

What are we going to be doing?

Brought to you by the team at @klarolineinfinity and thanks to @klarolinemag we want to celebrate and we’d like to invite you all to help make season 5 of the Originals one to remember forever! We’re talking 13 weeks of non-stop, unabashed Klaroline admiration and goodness as follows:

– Five themed week-long events to coincide with the Klaroline Original episodes to submit your best graphics, gif sets, drabbles, videos and aesthetics. The first week’s theme has already been chosen but the other four will be put to a fandom vote, so get those suggestions ready!  

– All other weeks in between will consist of blog games, quizzes, asks, mutual appreciation and general fandom fun and interaction.




What’s coming up for week one?

Glad you asked! Given we’re less than a week out to begin our countdown, the first theme has been chosen so you can start to put your goodies together. Drumroll please….

“There’s A Whole World Out There Waiting For You” 

Yes, we all know the famous quote Klaus uttered in 3×11 but we also agree that there’s a whole world of us waiting for Klaroline to reunite too! He wanted to take her to Rome, Paris, and Tokyo in 3×14 and promised that perhaps one day she’d let him show her the world in 3×20 (not to mention his promise in 4×20 to show her New Orleans too).

Well, it looks like the time has come given our favourite baby vamp is set to arrive in Europe ready to go all Caroline Forbes on his sorry hybrid ass as only she can!

Let your imaginations run wild with gifsets, graphics, drabbles, videos and aesthetics! We’d love to see your perfect reunion scenarios, your parallels with past episodes, exotic destinations and maybe even an international spin on those million new Klaroline gifs the first episode will surely create.

Week one will run from Wednesday 18th to Tuesday 23rd of April. We’d love to see you all participate! Please remember to tag your creation with #klarolinecountdown so we can reblog!

Happy creating lovelies, have at it!



For our Klaroline Countdown we’re having YOU vote for the future themes for our Klaroline episode week celebrations.

But what will you be choosing from? Well, it’s your chance to decide that too, as we are now opening up our suggestions poll! Fill out the poll below with your ideas for themes that describe our favorite couple. We’ll then compile your submissions and add them to be voted on in the theme polls.

Add as many suggestions as you like, and don’t forget to check back when it’s time for our next round of voting!


This is going to be a fun ride and we can’t wait to have you all along to participate in the Klaroline Countdown.