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A Look Back At Klaroline AU Week 2017

Klaroline AU Week might be over but that doesn’t mean our fandom will stop creating wonderful works of fiction and art! The week long event is one of my absolute favorites because it really shows how creative our fandom can be and provides new reading material for weeks!

I’ve put together a list of works I, and others, enjoyed, so hold on to your Klarofeels!

Day 1: Crossovers and Fusions

Fic: A Lady’s Tongue is Quite Rapid 

I love Klaroline, I love Pride & Prejudice, and I love this drabble by @austennerdita2533. It was really fun, and the dialogue would have made Austen proud! I need a part 2! NO REALLY, WHERE IS PART 2?

Art: Game of thrones

My wig was snatched with this one by @arrenemris, it’s GOT inspired and features a Caroline-Klaus-Rebekah relationship. My OTP plus some incest? Well, speaking as a Jonerys shipper, I’m down and I’ll ship what I want!


Day 2: Adversaries

Fic: Rival Lawyer AU 

Loved this one by @childoftimeandmagic! Momma Mikaelson totally knew they were getting it on! There’s nothing like Klaus and Caroline getting paid to yell at each other then later at night they do a different kind of yelling. Bow chicka wow wow

Art: heaven is a place on earth with you

*Heart-eyes emoji* Classic Angels AU! The wing/feathers theme and black/white coloring was consistent and flowed perfectly in this one by @beautyqueenforbes. Pleasing to my eyeballs!


Day 3: Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalypse

Fic: Collectors 

Um…hi…LIT. This one by @honestgrins started off with me questioning wtf happened to the world and ended with me not caring anymore because Caroline was straddling Klaus and dictating how she wants to redecorate their new room.

Art: day 3 · Sci-Fi and Post Apocalypse

This one from Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalypse day by @howeverlongs is creepy and beautiful! Really like the colors and picture placement, never disappointed with one of Paula’s! Check out her other works and be sure to scream at her in the tags, she loves it!


Day 4: All Human

Fic: And I’ll Burn

Well, fuck. I’m hot and bothered. This Caroline and Firefighter!Klaus AU by @lalainajanes has me fanning myself. TBH, I thought it was going to be a tease but then it got smuttttty. Where does one find themselves a hot British firefighter with dimples that make me weak?

Art:  Workplace romance

The colors alone on this one are everything and each image was carefully chosen or manipulated to blend with the blue tones. I’m looking at Klaroline/Grey’s Anatomy perfection! Great job @jackharleen, it’s stunning!


Day 5: Mythology and Creatures

Fic: Blood On Our Lips

Yum! This drabble by @cupcakemolotov has exactly what I like: Klaus being inexplicably drawn to Caroline, sexual tension, Wolf!Klaus, and a smutty cherry on top! I wouldn’t mind a part 2 *wink wink wink*.

Art: Day 5:  Mythology and creatures

Magic & dragons. Dragons & magic. Sign me up! Great image selection by @sofibrigerton, the flames on the blonde woman look really cool! Oh, and I’m going to need the link to whatever the inspo for this is!


Day 6: Canon-ish

Fic:  Not Words of Love, But a Kiss

THIS IS POSSIBLE. Klaroline will be in Europe!! Oh and this drabble has a sweet kiss that I’d give my left hand to see. Thanks @kickassfu for hitting me in the feels.

Art: Canon-wishes for The Originals S5 – more moments that remind us why they are the endgame

@joey-prue made this gifset filled with so many Klaroline scenes that I want to fling myself off a building! I’ll just be here sobbing at that handholding gif.


Day 7: Trope x Trope

Fic:  Royally Engaged 

Three words: Dick Pic Lockwood. Katherine knew Caroline was totally going to fall for Niklaus Mikaelson in this drabble written by @she-walked-away and Ms. Pierce is never wrong. Dreamy Klaus, smitten Caroline, and a little Kalijah… I’m sold!

Art: Little Red & The Big Bad Wolf 

Klaus really is the Big Bad Wolf in this one by @planetpierce. Feels dangerous, sexy, and definitely Klaroline! That blood on the Coca-Cola can is awesome!


There are SO MANY more wonderful works to check out, here’s the masterpost. Thank you to the KCers who gave me suggestions and a bigger thank you to all the participants. A HUGE thank you to Laine who organized this event and gave us something to look forward to. Stop by @klarolineiseverything and leave some love!