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The Originals Recap 4×11: A Spirit Here that Won't Be Broken

In this episode of The Originals, “A Spirit Here that Won’t Be Broken” Elijah is brought back and The Hollow is killed. Or is she?

What You Need To Know:

  • A few episodes ago The Hollow’s bones were spread around. In this one, she designated a totem to keep her protected. It looked like the Crystal Skull but was her signature blue. Kol was put in charge of keeping it safe as The Hollow’s minion.
  • Sneaking a move out of the Winchesters playbook, Kol set a trap with one of his famous dark objects, represented by a circle on the ceiling versus the floor, catching Rebekah and Marcel. They were stuck all day before they took drastic measures and (in an awesome move) caused a gas explosion, blowing the house up. After spitting harsh truths about their past romance, another spark was lit and Marcel and Rebekah kissed.
  • While betraying his family isn’t exactly new, Kol did make an effort to get out from under The Hollow’s thumb. He turned to the most powerful witch he knew to unlink Davina from The Hollow. That’s right, he turned to Hope who wanted to know why they hadn’t had a playdate. Fortunately, it turns out Hope is a romantic and in the nick of time, she separated Davina from The Hollow. After Josh and Davina’s really beautiful reunion, the twice resurrected Harvest Girl and her Original Boyfriend left town together.
  • On the opposite side of the romance coin, Hayley and Elijah are not doing well. While Klaus destroyed the totem, Freya and Hayley, armed with knives imbued with a drop of Hope’s blood, went after The Hollow. In the house of horrors, each woman was faced with visions. In Freya’s case, she was taunted by Keelin and the likelihood she won’t make it out of her relationship with Freya alive. Hayley’s nightmare was even worse.
  • Jack was back! Hayley’s vision took her to the bayou and her former husband, Jackson. Initially he soothed Hayley’s guilty conscience about loving Elijah despite being married to him. Then he turned off the empathy and turned on the violence. For the second week in a row, Hayley got beat up by men who told her they loved her. The Hollow!Jackson told her she fell in love with the idea of Elijah, but not the monster underneath. It’s something Hayley’s clearly dealing with after last episode, but she was able to turn the tables and defeat the hallucination.
  • Girl power! Hayley stabbed The Hollow with the magical knife about a dozen times. With the power released, Freya was able to get Elijah out of the blue crystal and back into his Original body. All is not well aboard the Haylijah ship though. Hayley gave a speech to the passed Jackson admitting she loved Elijah even when he wasn’t the best or easy choice. She loves him and she’s about to make a choice regarding her relationship with him. Will she leave him and give Hope an example of a different, “pure” love with another? Will she give in to her admission that she’s a monster too and find a way to make the relationship work with Elijah?
  • Finally, in cliffhanger coming a mile away, while The Hollow is dead, she’s not really dead of course. She’s found a new host. Yup, she chose the powerful little girl no one is keeping an eye on. Hope Mikaelson has become her family’s greatest enemy.