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The Originals 4×13 Recap: The Feast of All Sinners

The season finale of The Originals, “The Feast of All Sinners” destroyed the Mikaelsons and the thing they hold most dear, family ties.

What you need to know:


  • Rather than ultimately kill The Hollow, Vincent’s plan was to draw and quarter it. Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah, and a returned Kol each have a piece of The Hollow inside them. As a result, they can’t be near one another as it will try to reform. Additionally, none of them can go near Hope as The Hollow has felt her power and wants back in.


  • Freya the vampire? She offered to turn when Kol couldn’t be found. Keelin told her their love would survive the change, but the youngest Mikaelson brother swooped in. Juliet and Juliet survived for another day.


  • There’s no love lost between Vincent and the Mikaelsons. He thought them sacrificing their family was the least they could do, but he did appreciate it. He also shared scenes alone with both Hayley and Rebekah which might have been a first. [FYI, Rebekah was my MVP of the episode.]


  • Even if Hayley and Elijah could be near one another, Haylijah is dead. Ever since Hayley toured his subconscious she’s been keeping her distance and these two finally talked. Elijah saw the writing on the wall and admitted he couldn’t be what she needs. They said I love yous and there was a last kiss, but this relationship is over.


  • Don’t call. Don’t write. There weren’t enough goodbyes. Klaus said goodbye to Marcel and apologized for being a terrible father. He also admitted that he stood in the way of Rebekah and Marcel being together because if they loved each other, they might not have any love for him. Klaus and Hope didn’t get a final goodbye either. Instead, Hope, who finally got her dad back after 5 long years, called after him as he left her behind.


  • Memory wipe. Elijah and Klaus also said goodbye. The consensus was that Elijah would have the hardest time letting his family go. Klaus implored him to stay away even if Klaus spirals when he’s alone. The blind devotion Elijah has for his family is his guiding force. Knowing he’d be unable to ever leave them voluntarily, at his request Marcel and Vincent compelled him to forget all the love and pain associated with Always and Forever. Who is this new Elijah?


  • Where does everyone end up? Freya and Keelin stay in New Orleans, together and happy. Kol returns to San Francisco and he’s planning to propose to Davina! Rebekah is surprised by Marcel in New York with a kiss. Casual Elijah plays the piano in Manosque, France. Despite being forbidden to be near one another, Klaus passes his brother. There’s no recognition between them, just a nod. Elijah doesn’t know his family and that’s how he survives. Finally, at Hogwarts 2.0 Hayley and Hope are in Mystic Falls, Virginia. (There was no reference, sighting, or allusion to Caroline, but we all know she’s there.)


  • Always and Forever is dead. The family is permanently broken apart and it is devastating that this was almost the end of The Originals. It was a depressing episode in a season that was not particularly strong. Thankfully Season 5 should hopefully undo the unpleasant lingering effects and the gang gets back together.