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Recap of 'The Originals' 4×09: Queen Death

During “Queen Death” the Mikaelsons battled to save one of their own and failed.

What you need to know:

  • Elijah Mikaelson is dead. RIP Elijah and all the vampires in his sire line that went with him. I’m looking at you, Tristan.
  • After being given birth by a tree, literally, The Hollow returned to her human form.
  • The Originals did everything they could to save the stern one. For convenient reasons, the cure to Marcel’s bite was deemed ineffective to save him. (Elijah remained captive to The Hollow!Sofya after the last episode.) The Hollow whipped up a wind storm that broke the Mason jar which held the venom.
  • Both The Hollow and The Ancestors were counting on a sacrifice. Either The Ancestors would get enough juice to imprison The Hollow once again or The Hollow would get enough power to return to her human form. She won.
  • Vincent asked the Mikaelsons to sacrifice one of their own to save the city of New Orleans after all the lives they’d ruined and all the years they’d roamed the earth. Everything dies after all. Heeding the call, Klaus offered himself up when Freya advised she could put his spirit into her famous blue pendant where Finn once resided. Pour one out for Finn! The Original silver fox!
  • Since The Hollow is nothing if not efficient, her goons foiled Klaus and Vincent’s plans, burning the deadly thorns before Vincent could use them. It’s a sad day when throwing a plant into a bonfire they themselves lit for ambience ruins everything.
  • Not having time to cry over the spilled antidote, Freya put Elijah in the pendant. The crystal broke though and Freya, Hayley, and Klaus all were in denial regarding Elijah’s fate. After Hope lent her own power that they could hear Elijah screaming. So good news? He’s there. Bad news? Things are not going well for big brother.
  • Remember Vincent’s journal with the ouroboros on the cover? He gave it to Marcel for safekeeping, but desperate times call for desperate measures. The Hollow is back and according to everyone, no one and nothing can stop her. After sending all the remaining loyal witches, including his gal pal Maxine, out of town for their own safety, he retrieved the book from Marcel. Time to hit the books.