Summary: BarbieBlonde owns a small bakery, and OriginalHybrid is bringing the big, bad coffee chain to her neighborhood. After a year of chatting via screen name, however, Caroline and Klaus don’t realize their secret pen pal is actually their bitter rival. (You’ve Got Mail AU)

Rating: T

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12375830/1/Delivered

Okay so let me start of my saying I am so sorry I have been MIA, this is my first review after quite some time. Adulting is really difficult guys L with no time to read any fanfics. However on  my little down time I came across this really cute and interesting story.

Caroline owns a bakery, is dating Tyler, is obsessed with the supernatural and is chatting to a mysterious guy who is equally obsessed and happens to be none other; than Klaus Mikaelson. Klaus however is one of the owners of a chain of coffee shops known as Mikaelson Brews oh and his dating Cami… I know L on the bright side we know she’s just a stand-in until he falls under Caroline’s spell.

Caroline and Klaus obviously become rivals due to the competitive economic market. However what is Klaroline without a love-hate relationship right?  Oh and did I mention they have no idea they actually speaking to each other… and slowly but surely falling for one another.

I am enjoying seeing the relationships Klaus and Caroline have outside of being with each other and being able to see what draws them to one another. The antagonistic relationship between the two is always fun to read and I can’t wait to see how things will play between them with regard to their businesses and how they will react to finding out they actually care for each other as BlondeBarbie and OriginalHybrid.

I got to say Klaus and Caroline have more chemistry over a phone than with Stefan or Cami (sorry not sorry).

This story has definitely allowed me to take a break from setting and grading papers, and to just enjoy Klaroline. You should definitely give this one a read!