Review: Sleepless in Manhattan by twitchytwain

Synopsis: The year isn’t off to a great start for relationship advice columnist Caroline Forbes. She makes the mistake of sleeping with her best friend Stefan, who then proceeds to tell her about the girl he likes. This prompts Caroline to go on a dating detox but just as she starts her man-ban, a rather sexy artist crosses her path.

Rating: T-M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12235334/1/Sleepless-in-Manhattan

If the synopsis hasn’t grabbed your attention yet then allow me to elaborate.

Picture this. It’s the early hours of New Year’s Day and Caroline has escaped a rather unfortunate incident with Stefan. As is customary that time of year, thoughts of possible resolutions are swirling through her mind and advice columnist Caroline decides to put a ban on dating, easy right?

Shortly after this she finds herself fighting for a much needed taxi on the streets of New York City. Fighting with whom you might ask? Just a gorgeous, arrogant, English guy that refuses to relinquish his claim on said taxi which results in them sharing the ride (get your heads out of the gutter).  As soon as it begins with all of its amusing banter it is quickly over with as Caroline throws a bunch of notes at him before stalking away.

We find out that Klaus is an artist working on his solo exhibition and has a few regretful, female entanglements of his own. The question is though, how are these two going to cross paths again?

Caroline’s new resolution of a ‘man ban’ for six months doesn’t go down well with her editor who insists she writes an article about how to meet ‘the one.’ As it turns out Katherine and Bonnie are taking Caroline to an art exhibition that night and  hopefully Caroline might get some much needed inspiration there.

This story is already so addictive, even after only one chapter! The author, twitchytwain, has this amazing ability to create such an interesting storyline and to write entertaining and quirky dialogue that draws the reader in from the outset.  For an author to have done this in such a short period shows just how talented they are.

The characterisation after such a short period is on point. The version of Caroline, especially, is the feisty, control freak we all know and love. The portrayal of our favourite, brooding artist is also a delight to read.

We are only one chapter into this story but I’m begging you twitchytwain please let me know what happens next? I’ll be waiting with baited breath.