REVIEW: The Alpha’s Mate BY Sweet Little Darling

Summary: Caroline Forbes had always been a curious child, but as the saying goes-curiosity killed the cat. When Caroline was four a pack of wolves led her back home, when she was fifteen they saved her from a bear attack. Now Caroline is nineteen and back in Mystic Falls after taking a break from college and still thinking about those wolves. When she meets the dominating Klaus Mikaelson she thinks nothing of him until she finds out that he is Alpha of a wolf pack. Slight Dom/Sub themes. Klaroline & Kalijah.

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12012646/1/The-Alpha-s-Mate

Who won’t love mates trope!

Set in AU, The Alpha’s Mate by Sweet Little Darling begins with human Caroline dropping out of college in Chicago. And her mother is upset with her choosing to live sometime at Mystic Falls ( Caroline’s father used to live before Liz and Bill parted their ways).

Well, that’s because Caroline had history. Like it was said in the summary — at the age of four she would be escorted by the pack of wolves and at fifteen she would be saved from bear.  

Now going to back to the town, Caroline reconciles with her best friend – Matt Donovan and decides to get into photography classes. But the first day would turn out as crap itself: A handsome stranger, of course Klaus, will warn her to get out of the place. And Caroline doesn’t like it a bit. No way.

The thing is — throughout the initial stage of this fiction Klaus and Caroline prefer to deny each other. But you can’t avoid your other half, can you?

A little Kalijah is added to the mix to my liking. Katherine recently delivers two beautiful white baby wolves and when they are playing by the river in the woods, Caroline moves close to snap a photo of them. Mama wolf attacks her, then enter wolf Klaus. He defends his mate.

When Caroline figures out this entire time the wolves are part human, she’ll start freaking out at every single thing. It’s kind of funny to read her struggling with Klaus’s dominant side and trying to fit into this whole new supernatural life.

She will start bonding with other females of the clan and slowly accepts Klaus. But that is not this story contains. Wolves are always territorial – it could be the mate or the land. The rival clan wants to occupy more land. Sadly for Klaus, theu are in less number when comapred with their rival clan. After Damon is attacked by Tyler, the leader of opposite clan, and his men will declare fight against Klaus and his clan.  

So, thus a new war erupts between two clans and how they fought and survived is up to you to read!

Almost all major characters from the series are covered in this finished fanfic. Traces of Delena are seen as well, while Kalijah is chosen to be second pairing. Romance, action, drama and humor are the genres this fic will come under. 

Please go and read!