Summary: “A king only bows down to his queen…”

Rating: M

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12266372/1/The-Queen

This story is pretty much canon, with regards to Klaus and him having a baby. However Caroline decides to join him in NOLA and be with him. Although that hasn’t happened as yet with Caroline pretty much finding out about Hope and Hayley, things seem a little bleak for Klaroline. Caroline also is tired of the drama and violence that continuously surrounds their lives, and we all know with Klaus there is plenty of drama.

The story is pretty short so far, but sets a good premise into what is happening and shows how Caroline reacts to finding out about Hayley and Hope. I personally enjoyed seeing her get angry over the lies and standing her own against Klaus. We all know Klaus and his dimples will win her over eventually, or will it be Caroline and her light and stubbornness which will cause Klaus to bow down to her?

I can’t wait for the updates on the story, this is definitely one to check out.