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The Final Klaroline Vacation Gift Exchange

Sign-ups for the final ever Klaroline Vacation Gift Exchange are now open!

The gift exchanges have been such a huge part of the Klaroline fandom over the years and we thought it was fitting to do our final one at the same time as The Originals ends and our Klaroline endgame hopefully begins!

Brought to you by the @klarolinemag, we’ve loved sharing your gorgeous gifts over the years and hope to do so one final time as our favourite couple waltzes off together into the sunset.

It’s also important to note that as much as we’ve loved doing this with the fandom, it also takes up a lot of our time and is something we can’t continue, as I’m sure you understand. So, let’s end it on a high note with our hopefully-canon endgame!

The Klaroline Vacation Gift Exchange is open to anyone who wants to share their talents and celebrate their love of Klaroline! If you make videos, aesthetics/graphics, gifsets, playlists, original fanart, or drabbles we hope you you can sign up.

Whether it’s your tenth time or your first we’d love to see you make this final exchange one to remember!

Give a gift and get a gift, who could ask for more?

This exchange is taking place through AO3′s challenge matching system and all works will be posted on both AO3 and Tumblr, so please be sure and check out our rules and FAQs so you know how it works.


Sign-ups: June 14th-20th

Assignments Out: June 22nd

Assignments Due: July 28th

Fan works Posted: July 31st

Reveals: August 2nd

Sign up here.

– Your Klaroline Vacay Team