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The Originals 4×10 "Phantomesque" Recap.

The Originals 4×10 “Phantomesque” was visually a stunning episode directed by Daniel Gillies, but some of the storylines fell a little flat, but the return of Rebekah and Kol put us back on track with why we love this family and want to see more of them.

What You Need To Know:

  • This episode picks up with Freya and Klaus determine to fix the pendant and return Elijah to his sound mind and body, the task just might be a little more difficult.
  • As Rebekah and Kol return to help Klaus on a mission to retrieve the only weapons that could kill them in their quest to defeat The Hollow.
  • Marcel is also on the same mission as he encounters The Hollow but in the hopes of helping Sofya which ends badly.
  • Meanwhile, Freya tries to reach her brother only to realize she can not anchor the spell and have enough power to pull him out. So Hayley makes her plea saying she “knows Elijah better than anybody” and can do it.
  • Freya agrees but on the condition that Hope can help and Freya will keep her safe.
  • As this part of the episode unfolds Hayley now understands the monster that lies beneath Elijah a revelation I am quite surprised we are still clinging to.
  • Moreover, Hope is there to save Hayley and Elijah it seems from a terrible nightmare, where Hayley found herself the prey.
  • Once Elijah is awoken he ask for forgiveness, and Hayley returns to our world for now.
  • As for Rebekah, Kol, and Klaus, this family gathering of killers is cut short by Kol’s revelation about Davina and how Klaus hide it from him. It breaks up our happy trio leading up to set up the next plan of The Hollows.
  • Rebekah and Klaus share time discussing his shortcomings concerning family, which ends in Klaus having the same talk with Hayley about Elijah.
  • Klaus tries to make the horror somewhat right that Hayley was subjected to in Elijah’s mind calling back to the strength and downfall of the Mikaelson family. Everything he has done has been for them even his most horrid of deeds.
  • Meanwhile, Rebekah struggles with her revelations and decides to help Marcel despite the fact in helping him save Sofya puts her feelings for him on the line.
  • The episode ends with The Hollow offering Kol a chance to be with Davina by linking them together. So as long as Kol saves The Hollow, he will be protecting Davina too, which puts him at odds with his family.

Overall this episode has been the weakest executed for me. An episode that clearing could’ve had the Mikaelsons all at the center ending up as more drama for Hayley and Elijah and a break in the family leading to Kol’s possible betrayal. Not my favorite episode this season but a good lead up to the next episode.