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Recap of The Originals 4×08: Voodoo in My Blood

The Originals “Voodoo in My Blood” gives Vampire Diaries fans everything and more. Let’s recap the biggest moments of what went down.

We start off the night with a massive flashback to the origins of The Hollow, which left me with a thousand questions…but more on that later.

  • Alaric graces our screens as the crossover kicks off, talking on the phone with Klaus. After learning about Tyler’s family history with The Hollow, it seems Klaus has called on an old friend.
  • As Hope walks around the table with a jaw bone on it, yes, a jaw bone. She starts to hear the call of the ancestors who have a message for Hayley and Klaus. Who are both curious to see what they have to say.
  • Elijah is left with no choice but to work with Marcel as they go and meet Alaric for more pieces of The Hollow he has acquired from the Lockwood house.
  • Hayley and Klaus go to their witches meeting only to be greeted by the Harvest Girls Elijah so quickly killed last week. As Hayley and Klaus are sucked into an ancestral plain. Davina soon appears.
  • Now…back to the massive flashback. Davina breaks down The Hollow was of native origin, and they performed spells of safety and strength on her mother’s womb. Then once the Hollow is born, she has a hunger for power and will stop at nothing to get it.
  • The natives had to kill The Hollow, but before they end her human life, she cast a spell among all in attendance, making them slaves to the full moon and cursed with being a wolf once they take a life. Yeah….apparently this is how werewolves came to be, and Hayley just happens to be an ancestor of The Hollow.
  • Davina comes up with a plan to send Hayley off to fight The Hollow who has now attacked Marcel and Elijah as she tries to sacrifice Klaus to tie The Hollow forever.
  • The plan backfires cause Hope can feel her father’s distress and runs to the rescue, later reuniting with her father in an all too cute scene.
  • As things wind down for the night, Alaric meets Hope and learns how she’s starting to figure out her magic and use it. He then tells her about his school and that he hopes to someday see her there.
  • Alaric later meets with Klaus before he departs and gives him some fatherly advice about Hope, also informing him of he and Caroline’s school for gifted children. Further explaining that their girls are thriving at the school.

This gets a longer bullet point, but Klaus’s reaction to hearing Caroline Forbes brought back so many memories of the good old days. His smirk indicates that he is well aware of Caroline’s school, in what starts out as a hard conversation lending advice to Klaus, ends with a half-smirky grin at the name of his love. Let me just say….the writers in their wake of craziness had Klaus admit his love for Cami and I’m sure he cared deeply for her but actions speak louder than words. Klaus has been Caroline’s number one fan since the beginning and has always had such high hopes of what her life’s path would be. Either with him or without, he has always given her the space to fly with a little guidance, but he remains always been there when it counts. Well, except for that time one time. However, the writers have established again the role that Caroline plays in Klaus’s life, and it sums up very nicely with what Joseph had said in interview years back. She will always be the one that got away. Which translated to my Klaroline heart as the one that he hopes in the at some point he will be a part of her future, no matter how long it takes. Anyway…enough of my Klaroline feels and back to the episode thought.

Overall the episode was solid and gave us loads of information about werewolves and how they just changed up more mythology to make convenient to the plot. The reason I say this is because that reveal seemed a little too rushed for me and it seems to have fitted better in an earlier season. So it still leaves me with questions. The writers seem to forget that Klaus is a werewolf too and has his own pack to find/get to know. Hopefully, they will give us more in season 5, but I honestly think they will just keep hammering out more Hayley plots, which sadly have been many on this show. Although the season has improved significantly thus far and I’m excited to see how it ends and if Hope ends up at Alaric and Caroline’s school or she goes to him…..remember “and he smiles.”