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Recap of The Originals 4×12: "Voodoo Child"

As the season wraps up on The Originals, the show poses a lot of questions about the future of the Mikaelsons, Hayley’s new revelations and if they can save Hope in the end. I’m bittersweet at the moment because I’m excited the show got renewed but I’m a little mad that if it were not this series of episodes would be the swan song for our beloved Mikaelsons but more on that later.

What You Need to Know:

  • The Mikaelsons try to get back to some normalcy with Rebekah wanting to lighten the mode up for Elijah and suggest some Jazz to brighten the mode. Meanwhile, Freya is happy to be alive and decides it’s time to come out to her family and Keelin, leading to a steamy hookup.
  • Klaus wants to renegotiate a deal with Marcel which includes the Mikaelsons staying in New Orleans, as Hayley gets a strange feeling after a conversation with Hope.
  • Rebekah thinks Marcel felt the same heat during their little kiss but is shocked to finally see he has moved on and does not share the same feelings.
  • As Marcel wakes up Sofya she thanks him but still feels the magic of The Hollow and knows she is not dead but lurking somewhere else.
  • As Marcel and Klaus visit the cemetery and hear from Vincent, they share the same warning Sofya gave Marcel, and Klaus understands that his family is still in danger. He contacts Hayley not knowing that it’s too late and the Hollow is in Hope.
  • Meanwhile, Hayley has a little girl time with Rebekah and talks about her relationship with Elijah and how fearful she is that the Elijah she encountered is truly the man she loves. Just as last week Rebekah tries to reassure her but I don’t think it’s going to help.  
  • Hope and Rebekah share a little time, but Hope tries and proves her case on why she should burn her magic bracelet as Rebekah unknowing gives Auntie advice only to be stabbed in the back by a piece of wood by Hollow Hope.
  • Meanwhile, Elijah still fighting for his relationship informs his brother of his plans as they both realize that whatever happens needs to be for the greater good which is Hope, giving her a better and safer life.
  • As the brothers confront the followers, Klaus now understands the body the Hollow has chosen and proceeds to kill as many members as they can. Hayley begins to piece things together with the help of Freya.
  • The battle starts with Hollow Hope and only ends badly for all who confront her. Hayley is taken out, and so is Freya and most of the gang. In the end, Vincent does give Klaus a moment to connect to Hope as he shares a heartbreaking moment with his little girl, telling her to fight.
  • We then witness the aftermath, and the group tries to regain their wits Hayley storms out saying she never should’ve brought Hope back as Vincent tries to think of a plan. We then cut to a scene where Hollow Hope is walking into a church of followers, and they bow down to her.
  • The last scene shows Klaus pleading for any help in fighting for his daughter as Vincent tells him he may have a plan but doing so would mean the end of Always and Forever since the Hollow destroyed the one thing that could hold her…the book.

Overall this episode left me wondering who’s redemption we are seeking in this show, from the start it’s been Klaus, but as this story unfolds, it seems Hope, in the end, will need redemption. I say this because it seems they are setting up Hope as an “innocent surrounded by monsters whose father happens to be the worse of all. However, another question is why, if Hope herself was supposed to be the redemption for Klaus. Will Season 5 see them finding redemption together? Hope is strong, but something tells me when this little girl comes back, she will be changed. What do you think?