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The Originals Final Season Roundtable – Part 2

Happy Premiere Day! In just a few hours we will be blessed with Klaus and Caroline on screen again! It’s been a long journey for the Fandom to finally see Caroline on The Originals but we are finally here and it’s really possible that “Twitter Will Win”! Now onto part 2 of the final season’s roundtable with Jenn, Hillary, and Stephanie. Check out what they had to say about Caroline, Klaus, & Klaroline!

KM: Now, onto Caroline Forbes. When news broke about Candice’s appearance on The Originals, I was walking into my house and dropped to the ground. I did that ugly crying thing where your mouth is open, you can’t breathe, and your face is contorted into a pained expression. My family actually came running because I must have made an inhuman noise. What were your first thoughts? How did you react? Who did you tell first?

Jenn: Wellllll…I kind of knew ahead of time? I just fangirled with my co-conspirators.

Stephanie: And yet even then, it was still surprising? Just because we really did so surely believe we’d get to this point, but it’s been so long, that I just—I don’t know, it was very surreal. Still is, actually.  

Hillary: That’s exactly how I felt too, we all have said for so long that it was 100% going to happen and I always genuinely believed it, but it just took so long that when they actually said it was going down I was like “wait what? For real though?”


KM: Be honest, did you always believe Caroline would be on The Originals? I’ve had my ups and downs with it, but in my heart, I always believed she would be there in some capacity.

Jenn: No. There was a period of time when I believed that the story was done. But the phone call in S7 changed my mind and I’ve believed since then that we would see her on there in some way, shape, or form.

Stephanie: Oh, I really did. Jenn and Hillary can vouch for me.

Hillary: Yeah, I always 100% thought it would happen too. Probably the only thing that ever made me question it was that I am always wrong when it comes to predicting what TO will do.

Stephanie: Eh, I don’t know about always wrong. You have this bizarre talent of predicting crap no one wants, and it coming true.

Hillary: Haha yes, maybe a better way to put it is that the taste of the TO writers seems to be the exact opposite of my taste.


KM: Klaroline’s reunion will be in Europe! In all your wildest fanfic dreams, did you believe that it would happen there? Do you think we will get our signature, “Hello, Love”?

Stephanie: *wink wink*

Jenn: It was a nice surprise. Also…I think he’ll say it.

Hillary: If I were a betting person I would also bet on him saying it. And no, I didn’t expect it to happen there because that is a call back to what Klaroline was on TVD. TO has always been loathe to use TVD as a reference point, and they have always avoided Klaroline like the plague, so for them to not only go for Klaroline but to actually give what seems like kind of a shout out to its fans was a huge surprise to me.


KM: What does Rebekah contacting Caroline to get Klaus back mean to you? We all know why, but for shits and giggles, let’s fangirl about Caroline’s importance in Klaus’ life and how his family sees their relationship.

Stephanie: Well on TO, it’s really a matter of them writing what’s convenient. They’ve chosen to include Caroline in this season, and so that’s a way in which they’ve decided to incorporate her. But it just as easily could’ve been Hayley the one who gets through to him, because it’s how TO usually goes about these sorts of plots. However, Caroline is someone who’s always remarkably understood Klaus, and seen right through him, so it just so happens that I find this particular way they’ve chosen to be rather in character, and accurate.

Jenn: I think it’s fun. It makes Caroline’s introduction inclusive of other characters and that’s a nice touch.

Hillary: I have always loved Team Barbie, and the trio of Klaus, Rebekah, and Caroline is like a dream team to me. I think that it’s in character and makes sense, but I also agree with Steph that it’s just a matter of convenience more than anything. But even taking that into consideration, I’m just hyped to have those characters tied together in any way at this point.

Stephanie: Same! Especially since this actually coincides with TVD. Rebekah is the only one of his siblings who does genuinely know about him and Caroline. Technically Kol knows Klaus was interested, but not to the extent that Rebekah knows. So it’s great that it actually fits properly with the interactions the three of them have had prior to TO.  


KM: TVD’s series finale ended with Klaus’ letter to Caroline, do you think they’ve remained in contact? Does Caroline send report cards? Naked photos of herself?

Hillary: I don’t think they kept in touch personally, just because I don’t think Caroline has any time for coddling Klaus.

Jenn: Same. I think that is going to make their dynamic fresh, actually.

Stephanie: I would’ve been quite surprised if they’d been in contact. But I kind of like that angle, because it really is re-connecting years later, which I’m super on board for.


KM: I’m really excited at the idea of Caroline having her own arc within the season, especially since she will appear in 5 episodes. What do you think that might entail? Who is this 30+ year old Caroline Forbes?

Jenn: I’m hoping we see Caroline coming to terms with her vampirism, in a way. She’s not aging, her children are almost grown, and it’s a stark contrast to the Caroline we last saw. I think that she will have become a grounded, steadying sort of person who has grown from personal tragedy. And that’s the sort of love interest that I always wanted for Klaus and I think KC will be a much richer relationship than it was.

Stephanie: Yes, yes, and YES. I’m really hoping she’s become this person who’s much more aware of the world she’s apart of. And since we know that she’s gonna have a moment where she details what it was back then that she was attracted to, I think it’s great because she’s at an age and place where she can explain that now. Which I think wasn’t the case back then, she was very put off by that attraction then, and I think that had to do with her not really understanding it. So I’m eager to see if that’s evolved into something more forthcoming.

Hillary: I’m certainly hoping that something like this will happen. I have been rewatching some old TVD stuff and a lot of Klaroline interactions revolved around Caroline’s concept of time vs. Klaus’, and it seems like that is something that should be addressed and will be interesting to address at this point.


KM: “AND THAT’S THE WAY WE BECAME THE BRAAAAADY BUNCH!” What role do you think Hope, Josie, and Lizzie will play in Klaroline’s relationship and journey this season? Do you think the Twins will have any role in S5’s plot?

Jenn: I think the concept of parenthood will connect them, but I don’t see the twins playing a large part. But it’s an entry point into Caroline understanding who Klaus is now and vice versa.

Stephanie: It’s gonna give them an edge to their dynamic that I don’t think they ever expected they’d have, haha. It’s almost remarkable how many different layers there are to the way in which they can understand each other, and this certainly isn’t one I wanted them to have, but I’m not mad at it.

Hillary: Obviously I think Hope will play a bigger part than the twins, but my impression of TO was that they have always been thrusting towards this ultimate endgame of Klaus giving up Hope for her own good, so if my prediction is correct then I can see that being a significant part of Klaus and Caroline’s relationship throughout the season.


KM: Klaroline. What were your reactions to seeing the first stills from the episode?

Jenn: It was such a happy moment for me. We’ve been waiting so long and it just made me all fuzzy to see my children together again after the war.

Stephanie: It was AMAZING. Primarily because for a long time I kinda just accepted that ‘oh they’ll probably get brought in at the very end of whatever show ends first, and that’ll be it’ which I would’ve been MORE than thrilled with as well, don’t get me wrong. But this is like the OG days, ya know? With the episode stills, and the actually caring what’s in the synopsis, etc. It’s just so cool to be back in that type of a place for the end of the road. It’s more than I ever thought we’d get.  

Hillary: Haha, well after that epic insanity of Caroline literally going to New Orleans with the twins without seeing Klaus and that whole shebang never really being mentioned again, I have always said that I will not believe that anything is happening unless I see pictures of it with my own two eyes. So seeing pictures of it with my own two eyes was fairly exciting.


KM: It’s been years since they’ve seen each other, what do you think are their first thoughts? How do they feel about each other? What is their relationship status?

Jenn: It’s a dynamic that is deep enough that I think they can fall back into their banter easily enough. As for the other stuff…that’s what I’m intrigued to see, development-wise. Is Caroline ready to embrace any feelings she might reignite for Klaus? I think so. And I think that Klaus has always loved Caroline and I would love to see the push and pull really guide how we as the audience perceive their relationship.

Stephanie: I think they’re the type of people who would find it difficult to ever just be friends. And I def think they’ll realize that pretty quickly once they’re around each other again.  

Hillary: It’s kind of hard for me to describe this, and I’m not exactly expecting the TO writers to get as deep as this, but in my mind I feel like Klaus and Caroline would still see each other the same way they did before but that their own sense of perspective would have changed, if that makes sense.

Stephanie: Definitely! Like the same qualities that they were attracted to before, but perhaps with adjustments? Given that they’re different people now, it could be the same qualities they find intriguing but for different reasons.There might even be new qualities they find admirable in each other.

Hillary: Totes! And like, I feel like Klaus and Caroline have always been attracted to the qualities in each other that they both try to ignore or like to pretend don’t exist, but that now they have come to terms with those parts of themselves, at least partially.


KM: What do you want to see on screen? What is the fangirliest AU Scene you wish would happen in S5?

Jenn: Teh sex. Or them exploring NOLA. I’m fine with both/either.

Stephanie: I WOULD GIVE AN ARM, to see them all cuddly or something. It’s an unattainable dream, I know, pero let me have my imagination.

Hillary: Obviously I’d be here for boning as well.


KM: What you think Klaroline’s journey will be this season?

Jenn: Developing a mature relationship that is a lot deeper than it once was.

Stephanie: Getting to a place where they’re actually able to commit to each other. It’s different setbacks for each of them that impede the possibility, but I think this season we’ll see both of them overcome those.

Hillary: Honestly all I want to see is some actual character development. That’s what drew me to their relationship in the first place, so if it doesn’t happen it won’t feel like I’ve really gotten more of what matters from them. And I know this is pretty much impossible because TO is all about trivial human conventions, but I would like to see them both free themselves from the trivial human conventions that have restrained them for so long.


KM: What’s the end? After 5 seasons of The Originals, what does the end look like for each character?

Jenn: Tough to say. I do think, however, that we will see each character going off to do their own thing. The co-dependence will take a backseat, finally. They’ll always be family, but they have to live their own lives.

Stephanie: Agreed, especially since each Mikaelson’s been sort of paired off conveniently at the end of last season. I think they’ll all have their wrapped up in a bow ship, that will allow them to be written into having their own lives, where there’s no interference from the other siblings, etc.  

Hillary: Yeah, I’d be shocked if this isn’t how the show ends. I mean this has been the obvious endgame setup since the beginning and every season has just been a series of invented obstacles that have gotten in the way.




Jenn: I’m crying. Of course Hillary has to answer this question, I’m—


Hillary: I hope you die.

Jenn: I take it that’s a yes. Also, I happen to co-sign that yes.

Stephanie: third witness to the yes, right here!


KM: I received a message from an Anon just wanting to thank you all for being here and supporting many through the dark times. What do you want for the Fandom going into this season? Especially those Klaro-Virgins who have NEVER seen live scenes where both characters are physically sharing the same oxygen.

Stephanie: First of all, thank you so much to the anon! I want the fandom to really soak in that we’re at this point in our ship’s history. It’s been a really rough journey for us, but we stayed anyway, and that was because each and every person did their part. It took all of us to get here, and we should all be very proud of that.  

Jenn: This is incredibly sweet and means the world. I’ve hung in there for you guys more than for myself, and I want to thank the fandom for being so kind and generous to me over the years. I hope that this season is everything you want and more. And if it’s your first time seeing Klaroline together, I’m over the moon for you.

Hillary: Yeah I’m gonna get emo as fuck now, but I’m just happy that so many people who have been so kind and warm to me are going to get something that they really wanted and hoped for for so long. Klaroline has been so much more about the fandom than the actual ship for me for so long, and I am just grateful for the experience. It’s hard for me to ever look at any time as the “dark times”, because what most people might consider dark times were the times that I developed some of the most important friendships in my life.


KM: These Roundtables have always been fun for me to put together and at times I’ve struggled with questions relating to the actual plot, because let’s be real, I’m here for Klaroline and Klaroline alone, so thank you for participating! We thought TVD’s finale was our last hurrah, but we have another few weeks to soak up new Klaroline scenes and then the shows are done, and this chapter is closed. What has this whole ship and fandom experience been like for you?

Jenn: Thank you for letting us have our bitch n stitch here for so long. It’s been incredibly therapeutic and I loved doing these round tables with my friends, both of whom embody why fandom is such a warm and accepting culture. I’ve mentioned this before, but I lost my dad right after the end of S3 of TVD. I was more of a fringe fan until that point , but I really needed something to help me cope when t happened and this fandom was so giving and so kind and gave me so much love and I will always and forever be grateful to the fandom as a whole and to these two ladies in particular for helping me heal and find things to be happy about during a dark time. I love all of you and especially my sisters in crime.

Hillary: God damn you I am literally crying.


Jenn: 😀

Hillary: I completely feel the same as you do though. Experiencing a world where people are pretty much always accepting and friendly and warm is genuinely a life changing experience. I have had times where I was dealing with shitty things or just not feeling good, and knowing that there were people in the world who were caring and kind no matter what made all of the difference.

Stephanie: This entire experience has been something I would easily do all over again. It’s had so many moments that I really never could’ve imagined experiencing. To be amongst people who are so amazingly driven, and talented, and also just positive. We made a really beautiful environment for ourselves, and that’s something that reflects all of us. From the really low moments, to the moments like at the end of TVD, and now, where we’ve really been on both sides of the emotional spectrum, but as a group—has been amazing to be apart of. And it’s introduced me to the most wonderful people, that I couldn’t be more grateful to know. And it gave me the two of you! My charmed sisters!

Hillary: Goooooddd STAHP I am in pain!


Hillary: And yes, totally this! I am so grateful to know you two as people and know that I am a part of the greatest brain triplet squad of all time, and I am so grateful to have made the friends I’ve made, but just every single one of us as a group has done something so amazing that I don’t think most people even understood at the time. I mean for everyone to collectively say that we want to create a positive environment that fosters creative growth and is inclusive and fun and kind when the people around us might not be so inclusive or fun or kind is unreal.


KM: The Fandom will live on for many years, of that I have no doubt. Klaroline will always hold a special place in our hearts and lives. What do you think our legacy looks like to other fandoms, the media, and the CW?

Jenn: I hope we are remembered as the bad asses of fandom. Because we were, are, and ever shall be.

Stephanie: I think it’ll look like a bunch of very passionate people, who didn’t stand down, but for extensive reasons. TVD and TO really became a place where even those in charge had a hand in trying to tear you down, and for everything this fandom had, we never let them do it.

Hillary: I hope that the legacy of the Klaroline fandom is just showing fans what a fandom really can be. You might not always get what you want and you might not always be happy, but you can always keep hoping and trying. You can always be nice and encouraging.


And there you have it! Thank you to everyone who sent in questions and has supported these articles. Tonight is the night I’m going to cry, scream, and possibly vomit from happiness, I hope you’ll join me fangirling and setting up your camera to record your first reactions at seeing Klaroline reunite for the 1st time in years! Check out our Video Project for 5×01!