Top 10 Video-Songs Playlist of March 2016


Hello, Klaroline fandom! I’m sure that all of us, especially after having that new taste of Klaroline during the latest The Vampire Diaries/The Originals crossover, are aching for more; and at times our situation may seem bleak but, as the great queen Caroline Forbes once said, “and yet, in spite of everything, we persevere”.

If we can survive two years, we can survive anything!

Helping us through the wait, however, is the limitless amount of metas, fanfictions, gifs and — of course! — videos that are a vital, important part of our fandom and that we are so lucky and should be grateful to have.

So, for the talented Klaroline writers/giffers/vidders, today I have complied a list of songs that could help focus your mind and, perhaps, inspire you since these utterly amazing songs are as unique as our OTP.