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Top 5 7×14 Videos


It’s been almost a month but, given how it’s been a two-years-worth of waiting, the memory of that magical call Klaus and Caroline shared during the 14th episode of this season of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is definitely still fresh in our memories.

We had spoilers and hopes but, wary of the writers for how they have treated us before, our expectations for the crossover episode were rightfully running pretty low… which means our excitement and happiness literally went through the roof when our favorite pairing’s shared scene ended up being everything we could have wanted in times like these. Even if they didn’t actually appear on screen together, Klaus and Caroline’s chemistry was palpable through their banter and the way Joseph and Candice perfectly acted their character’s reaction to each other: the awe, the hesitancy; everything about those brief minutes showed just how much Klaus and Caroline still have the power to affect each other even from so far away and unlike any other.

And maybe we still have some waiting to do, but now Klaroline has been officially established as both shows’ canon again and that’s a very important step forward towards the endgame that we deserve and that I’m sure we will eventually achieve.

So hold on tight, fellow shippers, and keep reliving the newest and powerful Klaroline interaction through the Top 5 7×14 videos chosen for you below!