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Top Tumblr Posts of the Week: 28 June – 5 July 2016

Hello fellow Klaroliners! Welcome to your Top Tumblr Posts of the Week!

What a special day, firstly, we WON THE POLL! And I am super proud of the Klaroline fandom who fought tooth and nails to have it, and I totally think we deserve it! (The haters might say we don’t but at the end of the day, we still won!)

I am really proud and amazed at how hard we all voted to win this! Congratulations!

And a former writer on TVD, Kelly, agrees with us! It’s a beautiful post.


Do you know what it means? IT MEANS WE MIGHT HAVE A JODICE MOMENT! And Joseph Morgan will have his own Klaroline award (who would want an Academy award after that) because he’s such a fanboy, just like the rest of us. Who is a fanboy too? Paul Wesley, everyone.


“Give the people what they want”, from Joseph and Paul, it’s beautiful.

But it’s also a special day for me, since it’s my birthday, and because of that, I’d like to show you the Top Tumblr posts chosen by my best friend – aka Morgane, aka my corn syrup, aka Moonbooth – who is not a Klaroline shipper and has no idea what I am talking about half of the time.

Let’s see what she chose. How fun is that? I love it.


The first one she chose is this one, probably because it’s beautiful and I am getting feels just looking at it, and she knows what’s beautiful or not. Our ship is. Deal with it.


She told me she chose this one because the answer made her laugh, and she’s right, “my buddy my guy”.


So this one is funny, because it’s tagged “anti klaroline”, but Morgane didn’t wear her glasses and she actually told me, and I quote “you would be the kind of girl to do that”, because yeah, feels, they hit me. Hard. Klaroline feels are Satan.

(Sorry for the anti-Klaroline post, but it’s, indeed, pretty accurate, right?? At least it is for me. Feels. They’re complicated. They’re hard.)


She chose this one because she said I would win the most pessimistic twitter. How rude.


Morgane chose this one probably because she’s a nerd, just like me. And Klaroline in Suicide Squad? Sounds like a dream to me.

And now, her last two posts that only prove Morgane is actually a Klaroline shipper. (I am sure you are, stop lying, you love them.)


I am starting to think Morgane is actually a Klaroline shipper in disguise, and that she might have feelings! Maybe she’s not the cold-hearted queen she pretends to be, hm. (Cold-heart that belongs to me, by the way.)


Yeah, ok, you totally are a Klaroline shipper, stop lying, and show yourself.