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Top Tumblr Posts of the Week: 6 July – 16 July 2016

Hello Klaroliners!

What’s better to cheer everyone up than the Top Tumblr Posts of the Week? (I would read it whilst eating and that would be the best, and also Joseph Morgan massaging my tensed shoulders.)

Anyway, let’s begin.

Let me first tell you, if you didn’t know already, that the media is Klaroline AF.



(Thank you Erika for posting every time there’s some Klaroline in the media.)

Do I have a smug smirk when I think about it? Noooooo! (Yes.) This fandom turned me into a monster.

Talking about smugness, you know what I love in the morning? I don’t drink coffee, so I just need to read a little drag in the morning to get up on the right foot, and well, there’s no better place than at Stephanie’s.


Haters are fueling my fire. I am a monster. I love it.

But we’re not just monsters, we’re also a big family.


And family just loooooves to snoop your bag, am I right?


I love the idea! So go ahead and do it! It’s really fun!

Now, if you need another proof that Klaroline is awesome and that everyone is secretly in love with it –


Told you. Klaroline is like a virus and NO ONE IS IMMUNE! (Not even you Morgane, especially since you recognized a Klaroline picture on a non-KC photoset, I am so proud of you *proud tear in my eye*.)

When the world doesn’t talk about Klaroline, it talks about Pokémon, and yes we are back in the beginning of the millennium and that’s amazing.


(By the way, there are some great Pokémon crossover by Angelikah, just saying.) I don’t want to brag or anything, but I already have Pikachu.

I NEED THIS TOO! What about they are both playing Pokémon GO and they run into each other! AND COMPARE THEIR POKEDEX?! I need this. I. NEED. IT.

I should calm down.

On the last note, let’s remember Stephanie’s words of wisdom.


Snape? Is that you? Sorry, wrong fandom!