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Top Tumblr Posts of the Week: 12 – 22 November 2015


Hello sweethearts!

Them TVD/TO ratings might be dropping, but Klaroline is definitely rising! From the ashes my friends, we will rise and have our vengeance, the glory days are coming and the payoff will be so sweet. Until then let’s have a gander at this week’s top tumblr posts.


This first post by martinlaheys could quite possibly be the funniest thing I’ve ever read! So of course I had to share it with the people who might’ve missed it. I hope your jaw aches from laughing as much as mine did!



With Carina revealing the conversation between Klaus and his father in the dropped Caroline mention, we let our imaginations run wild over it. Well missingstars89 went one better with this brilliant gif-set, give it a like and a reblog if you haven’t already. Welcome to the Klaroline Coven, Ansel.



Being a Klaroline shipper we’ve all become familiar with the 5 stages of grief. Now we’ve had more than our fill of being screwed over, so I think it’s only fair that we pass on our expertise to the Steroline fandom who seem to be stuck between denial and anger. sneakercladbrunette is here to help with her 6 stage programme.



It’s been almost 2 years and this statement by klarolineforevermine still rings true. Klaus, still to this day remains the only person who has ever put Caroline first. Set it in stone. 



We end here with this amazing post by skyangel22, nothing says it better than a emoji ❤️



Thanks for reading lovelies X