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Top Tumblr Posts of the Week: 9 May – 15 May 2016

Hello, fellow Klaroliners!

We’re back with the top tumblr posts!

Let’s start with some good news:

We are free for 5 months! 5 months without wondering what will happen to the Mystic Falls gang! (what a relief, I swear, they can’t sit down for two seconds, take a cup of tea, and mind their own business *sigh*, always in trouble).  We’ll soon know what happened to the Original family, and why (oh, why) Caroline couldn’t meet Klaus in NOLA.

But who would have thought we would have such a season? filled with Klaroline mentions?

So while we wait for more, and our endgame scene (duh) here are some of the best tumblr posts!

(and because I am trying to work on myself and my pessimism, there are only happy happy posts, because I don’t want to talk about the TVD finale hahahahah)

The only thing I’ll remember this season is obviously the phonecall between Klaus and Caroline, which was full of meaning and feelings. This whole episode gave us another proof that Klaus is sooooooo smitten with Caroline. (my pessimistic self needed it) (IT GAVE ME FEELS DANG IT)


While we’re talking about phone, let’s keep the theme with this gifset made by parallel-outlines which proves that the phone is definitely our thing.


If you also have been drinking way too much lemonade lately, get in formation for our new summer project: #MakeBeyonceShipKlaroline (I am all for it)


In addition to the phone call, the actors mentioned  Klaroline quite a lot lately, like Captain JoMo who talked about our fandom, the poesy of the ship, and gave another famous British lesson to the lucky Brazilian fans (and oh, my Jodice heart), during the Vampire Attraction Klaroline convention.


This almost makes me want to drink coffee.


Joseph only proved once again that he’s our Captain (could he be more obvious?) You go, JoMo!

Then Charles Michael Davis (our co-captain?) mentioned our favorite baby blonde vampire. He prefers not to meet Caroline Forbes, because Charles would seduce her and – just look at Klaus’ murderous gaze.

Paula imagined them having a karaoke duet, and I love it! Klarocel, anyone?


So what more can I say?