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Hey Klaroliners! How are you? Oh me? I’m great. TVD finale finally happened. That’s it. And you know what else happened? Klaroline HAPPENED. Klaroline is freaking endgame. Once more for the ones in the back: Klaroline is ENDGAME.

How excited are you guys? Over the moon? Yeah, me too. We knew it would happen but still, it felt so good to see it. I stopped watching TVD after 5×11 and I never regretted it but I had to watch the last episode (a day later) and even though I had no idea what was going on and the finale was a bit meh to me, it was worth it, for our Klaroline. There are so many possibilities now. We might see them on The Originals (which I think we will, that mention of Klaus smiling in the finale screams Klaroline to me) but even if we don’t, I’m okay with that, because it’s going to happen and it’s endgame, onscreen or not. Like Alaric said, that’s the beginning of another story. ♥

For the final time, let’s see what tumblr had to say after the episode aired (you can all guess it was amazing and the posts are absolutely hilarious, also feels). You should also thank me for doing this because going into the tag was brutal. Whoa, so much drama. Let’s go to the fun stuff instead:

For all of us who stopped watching TVD and then the Klaroline thing happened.


Iconic. That’s all I can say about this.


As always, Klaroline saved the day. Not that there weren’t any other good moments, sassy Katherine for example or Bonnie alive at the end of the ep, but still.


This though. I can’t stop laughing.


And if Klaroline is going to happen on The Originals, I can’t help it, I’m totally going to watch it. Even though I tried it, hated it and just stopped watching after a few eps. The show had potential, maybe it still has, I’m not up-to-date with its storylines but all in all Klaroline is what’s important and you do everything you can for what’s important. So yeah, I’m going to watch it once Caroline moves there.




And here are some posts for the feels:

This makes me want to cry. Sob. Lie down and bawl.


Aaah, good old times. I can just picture him in his study thinking about how much money is a good amount to give to her. How much is enough and not too much, you know. I bet you, he actually thought about it for a while.


However long it takes.


The song that was playing when Caroline was reading the letter. Good choice, don’t you think?



This one hits me right in the feels, too.


We did it fandom, we did it. And we will continue doing it.  However long it takes.


Just in case you wanted to see the letter again.


Thank you for reading. If you found any good tumblr posts, please share them with us. It’s always a good idea to laugh more.

Have a great week. And remember, Klaroline is endgame.