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Video Maker Interview with xDarkestDesiresx



Check out our interview with video maker Angie aka xDarkestDesirex:

KM: Hey, there! Thank you for agreeing to this little interview. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Angie: Hi! No problem, it’s a pleasure, thank you for asking me! I’m Angelika (but my friends call me Angie), and I live in Poland. I love animals, especially dogs; I have one and he’s the love of my life. I’m obsessed with reading both books and fanfictions (especially Klaroline, of course!). My biggest passions are making gifs and vidding, although I’m still new to the vidding world.


KM: How long have you been shipping Klaroline for? Was it right from 3×11? Did you immediately become part of the fandom or was it more of a personal thing at first?

Angie: Yes, it was right from the start. I shipped them before 3×11 even aired, as a crack ship… I was role-playing Caroline on some site back then, and she was with Klaus; you have no idea how shocked I was when it actually became canon! And at first it was a personal thing, I obsessed about it with my friends but I was very new to Tumblr and I didn’t know what shipping was all about. However, I quickly adjusted and started to fangirl about them with the whole fandom soon enough.


KM: What inspired you to start making videos? And especially Klaroline videos?

Angie: I always wanted to make videos but I didn’t know how to start, Sony Vegas looked very complicated and so I gave up on it at first. But the latest holidays were extremely boring for me and I thought ‘let’s do this, I have to learn how to do this’. It looked bad at first, but then I finally learned how the whole process works.

And what inspired me to make Klaroline videos is my love for the ship. It might be surprising, but vidding them really helps with the pain of not having had any scenes for almost a year, it makes me miss them a little less.


KM: Do you have any particular way you like to edit your videos? With a particular atmosphere or a particular type? Positive, dark, AUs… ?

Angie: I don’t know, to be honest. It just works that I find a song that I like and if it fits Klaroline then I’m making a video. I like to try every option though, and I really love AUs. I also like to use some ideas from fanfictions I read or TV shows/movies that I have watched. I’m currently working on a Klaroline video The Walking Dead style, inspired from the fanfiction The Flesh Diaries which is one of my favorites.


KM: What are some of your favorite Klaroline videos/vidders?

Angie: My favorite videos are: Klaus & Caroline – In My Veins by picasso30dali, Klaus & Caroline – Battlefield by coldrequiem, xostelenaforeverox’s 5×11 Klaus & Caroline video, Klaus & Caroline – Love Is by MissAlesi4ka and many, many more.


KM: And what would you say is your Klaroline video that you’re most proud of?

Angie: I’m really proud of this one: Klaus & Caroline – Crazy In Love.


KM: It’s not the best of times in our fandom, but your videos really help keeping the positivity going, and it’s amazing how much inspiration you still have. Do you believe there’s still hope for Klaroline?

Angie: I kinda feel like they have buried our ship into the ground and there is no going back, however I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere. I’m waiting for them to rise again.


KM: And now a last but very important and serious question, pie or pancakes?

Angie: Oh God, this is hard! But I’ll go with pie, haha!

And thank you so much for this interview. Love you guys, stay strong!


Check out Angie’s videos HERE