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Video Makers Interview with sweetily97



Hello, lovely fandom! Here today we bring you our interview with the talented Ilaria. You may know her for her incredible fanfictions but her talent does not end there. Ilaria also makes incredible Klaroline videos that will have you fangirling a lot. So check out our fun interview with her!

KM: Hello. For those that don’t know you, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Ilaria: My name is Ilaria, and I’m almost 18. I live in Rome, but I’d like to move somewhere far from the city, maybe in a lonely house among the mountains! My biggest passions are writing and riding horses. My aim is to be free, and my head’s a mess!

KM: What was it that made you start shipping Klaroline, and how did you get involved in the fandom?

Ilaria: Okay, this is going to be weird. When I was watching season two of The Vampire Diaries, I was on Tumblr and noticed the word “Klaroline” going around a lot. So I checked the tag and I realized that it was about Klaus and Caroline and was a little confused. Then, I stayed home a few days to finish season two and start season three because I really wanted to get to Klaroline! And it was love at first sight.

KM: What got you into making videos and how long have you been making them for?

Ilaria: When I see something I like, I always want to learn how to do that thing too. I used to see all these amazing videos on YouTube and I kept telling myself that I wanted to be able to make them as well. So I downloaded all I needed and started practicing… I started vidding before I became a Klaroline shipper, I guess it was four or five years ago.

KM: Where do you draw your inspiration for your videos from?

Ilaria: When I hear a song I like, I immediately think about putting it into a video. But I also make trailers for my Klaroline fanfictions, which is hard because I have to create something that makes sense for them only by taking clips from either The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, even if the storylines are completely different from the shows.

KM:  I notice you have several AU videos, is there one AU scenario that’s your favorite?

Ilaria: As I’ve already said, my head is a mess; I have like a thousand AU ideas all the time. My favorite AU scenarios always turn into fanfictions, though, and they’re all pretty dark and angsty. I know the Klaroline fandom doesn’t deserve even more suffering, but I just can’t help myself! I love you, I’m sorry, and I promise that I’ll always give you a happy ending!

KM: Are there any tips you would give to new video makers?

Ilaria: Download Sony Vegas, use a song you like (slow songs are easier) and a character/ship that inspires you. You have to play with the coloring and create a short sequence of clips that fits with the song you chose. Music is your friend!

KM: What would your ideal Klaroline reunion look like, and what song would you pick as the soundtrack for the scene?

Ilaria: Honestly, at this point I would be very afraid if Julie Plec actually chose to make a Klaroline reunion happen, because I’m not happy with her writing and that’s why I stopped watching her shows. Sometimes I think Klaroline is already perfect the way it is, and a badly written reunion and future storyline would just ruin that perfection; I think we all kinda feel that way. BUT, if I had to write the scene myself, I would like to see Caroline show up on Klaus’ doorstep in New Orleans. She would smile and just say “Hi,” and Klaus would be all surprised, excited and nervous like a teenager (he always turns into a puppy when his queen is around!), so he would simply utter her name. And Caroline would passionately kiss him, of course. As their lips touch, “Take Me to Church” by Hozier would start playing, and then smut! And when I say smut, I mean HBO smut. *winks*

KM: *totally petitions for this reunion to happen*


Check out Ilaria’s videos HERE