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Video Makers Interview with TheMarauderNo5



Today, we are going to be interviewing the lovely Marie. She’s a talented vidder who creates many different types of Klaroline videos, AUs, for fanfictions, or even humor ones. Of course, you can find them all on her channel under TheMarauderNo5, and now she’s going to be giving us a special inside look!

KM: Hello! It’s pretty well known that Klaroline fans are a diverse group of people all around the world, so what can you tell us about yourself?

Marie: My name is Marie, I was born and raised in Poland but I am currently studying Business Management in London. I love all kinds of arts, and that’s why people always laugh saying that I chose the wrong career for myself. I think my biggest passion is traveling, and telling stories about the experiences I have made, as well as music and taking pictures/videos. And that’s why I think I started my channel on YouTube, to try to tell stories that other people can relate to through both music and videos.


KM:  What do you enjoy the most about making Klaroline videos?

Marie: Besides looking at Klaus and Caroline’s gorgeous faces? Well… I think it’s the ability to control what you want to see; being able to re-tell the story in the way that you’d like for it to be. I can take different scenes and create something that hasn’t actually happened yet, and I’ll get comments like “Wow! Which episode was this/that in?” because they think it’s real and it’s great to be able to share your views and wishes and then see that people are on the same page as you are and that you’re not alone in still loving Klaroline.


KM:  And what inspires you to make Klaroline videos, usually? Anything in particular?

Marie: What inspires me, hmm. It can be everything, really: a scene I see on either The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, a gifset on Tumblr, a fanfiction I read, or even a movie I see on the TV. Sometimes it only takes a song I hear by accident and I just want to immediately sit down and start making a video with it. So, yeah, all the little things.


KM: Which one of your own Klaroline videos is your favorite, and why?

Marie: Oh my, I can’t answer these kinds of questions! It’s like picking my favourite child, I swear. But I do have a few… My favourite videos to make were the two fanfiction trailers that I made for my friend Kate (for her stories Null and Void and Paradise for the Lost), because I loved being challenged by having an already set fanon that I couldn’t change too much. I mean, when you make your own videos, you can always try to change the story that you want to tell, but with these trailers I had to really put my 110% into creating something that wasn’t really mine to tell. However, the story that I got to tell and that I love the most is my Klaroline video I Will Wait. I just absolutely love that song by Mumford and Sons, and showing Caroline’s evolution and how she finally became ready to move on with Klaus and see the world… I think that is definitely my ultimate favourite. But, then again, let’s not forget the smut video I made, This Feeling Flows Both Ways. See? I told you, I just can’t pick my favourite, haha.


KM:  And are there any other Klaroline vidders that you really look up to?

Marie:  Of course! I am absolutely addicted to vidders such as Inna955, AussyAngelx, coldrequiem and livart. Then there’s also Jess K, who just makes my day every time that she posts a new TVD or TO reaction video, because they’re seriously the funniest thing ever!


KM: Since your videos on are all very beautiful, is there any advice you’d have for other Klaroline fans out there who might want to  get into vidding?

Marie:  Thank you so much! And advice? From moi? I think just to not worry about how long it can take to make a video, or about using super fancy effects, because it takes a lot of patience and a lot of free time to learn all these things. If the story that you want to tell is good and you’re passionate about it, just do it; because, if what you’re trying to tell through your video is beautiful, then the Klaroline fandom (or any fandom, really) will love it, no matter what coloring or transitions you used.


KM:  Do you have any intentions of making more Klaroline videos anytime soon?

Marie: Yes, I do. I have around five projects already started right now, but just not enough free time or the right clips to be able to finish them yet. My priority right now are school and exams, but I might finish a Christmas video sometime soon. You just need to stay tuned because I don’t want to promise anything, but as they say.. once you’re a Klaroliner, you’re always a Klaroliner, and I don’t think I’d ever be able to stay away for too long.


KM: Last question! And this is a serious one. A lot of people compare Klaus and Caroline to Disney’s Beauty and the Beast—if you had to compare them to any other fictional characters, who would those be?

Marie: I think a little bit of Romeo and Juliet, maybe? It’s a bit of boring answer, but it’s true. No matter how much they want to be together, there’s always something in their way (it’s mostly the writers’ team, but hush). It’s a tragic story, I know, but I hope that in this case our Romeo and Juliet will get their happy ending!


Watch Marie’s videos HERE

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