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Video Makers Interview with xBenQCatx



Read our interview with Cat who is also known as xBenQCatx on Youtube:

KM: Hello! Before we begin, for those who don’t know you, would you mind telling us your name and giving us all a little information about the lovely person you are, please?

Cat: Hey, there! My name is Luisa, but everyone calls me Cat on YouTube. I’m a very passionate Klaroline vidder, and thank you so much for interviewing me!


KM: Thank YOU!

You have been vidding Klaroline for years, I see… can you tell us what it is about them that first inspired you to vid them, and what inspires you to keep doing it now even after all this time and after everything that has happened?

Cat: It was their incredibly beautiful first proper scene together in 3×11 that first inspired me. I remember watching it and thinking “Oh wait… this is going to be a thing, right? There’s so much chemistry there!” and then Klaus left Caroline a first gift and that’s when I was hooked. It’s all such a classic “Beauty and the Beast” situation, and I love watching them banter and flirt at the same time.

One thing that keeps me going now is the huge Klaroline fan-base; it’s so inspiring to see everyone’s passion and devotion! Also… I have quite a thing for bittersweet couples, so as much as I want Klaus and Caroline to get together in the end I also do enjoy this torturing “I want you but I can’t have you” thing that they sort of have going on at the moment.


KM: When you vid Klaroline, would you say there’s a particular theme that you tend to be more drawn to than others? Like angsty, dark, humor, AU… ?

Cat: I wish I was better at manips, then I’d be all over AUs! But I like to stick to the sometimes very sad reality of them, so I guess that most of my videos are pretty angsty and bittersweet. But I enjoy making lighter ones too, and luckily there’s definitely enough material for that!


KM: Do you already have any future plans for more Klaroline videos?

Cat: I think I have at least thirty open Klaroline projects at the moment, but it’s hard to tell which ones will get finished; inspiration just hits whenever it wants and you never know when. But I do plan on making a lighter and funnier video about them soon, just to to prove that they’re not just all dark and twisty.


KM: Assuming that Klaroline reunite (they must), would you make a video about that? If so, are there any song(s) that you would consider using, even while not knowing how they will reunite yet?

Cat: Of course! I’m so desperate for new Klaroline material that I’d be all over it, probably even if I was stuck among exams like I currently am! One song that I could use is “I Don’t Want to Change You” by Damien Rice, or “Fake Empire” by The National because it has a great build up and would fit nicely to whatever their reunion could look like.


KM: If you had to choose one of your fantastic videos to show to a person that you were trying to convince to start shipping Klaroline, which one would you choose?

Cat: This is a tough question because all of my Klaroline videos are really close to my heart… and thank you for the compliment, by the way! I guess I would choose the “You Won’t Ever Be Alone” one, because I think that it really shows everything that makes Klaroline so wonderful and complex; plus, Ed Sheeran obviously has a very special connection with them. If that video didn’t do the trick, then I’d show them “There’s Love in You” and after that I’m pretty sure they would be hooked!


KM: Do you have any advice to give to other Klaroline fans who’d like to start vidding?

Cat: Just do it! It’s so rewarding and it really makes you feel connected to the ship that you’re vidding. Get nice high quality episodes and a song that you feel you can put your whole heart into, and just go with it. Everything else will come automatically: you’ll start to notice little details, parallels you can use, and you will seriously get to know every single Klaroline scene inside out. That’s all you need.


KM: Are there any other Klaroline vidders that you’re a fan of? If so, could you please name them?

Cat: Of course, there are so many incredibly talented people out there! I’m afraid I’ll forget someone because I’m so bad at remembering names but I’ll try… Rytinhahh makes gorgeous videos and I’m always excited to see a new video from her, while xostelenaforeverox is definitely the best one at finding beautiful parallels, and AnnGeL2010 has made only one Klaroline video but it’s still one of my favorites!


KM: Okay, last question! Out of Klaus and Caroline… which one of them secretly brushes their fangs, and which one would catches them in the act and laughs about it?

Cat: Caroline, definitely! I can almost see it in my head right now. What I wouldn’t do to have them reunite so that this can actually happen!


KM: I know! Caroline would be the one brushing then, or the one laughing?

Cat: The one brushing! Being all nice and clean for her hubby. *winks*


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